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Janine Weightman

Janine Weightman

Founder, Knovolution Ltd


Janine is a consultant, coach, and all-round maverick when it comes to improving business ops and capability. She founded Knovolution to help people build intelligent organizations, who can channel people’s know-how, expertise, and insight to push the frontiers of what can be accomplished.

After serving nearly 20 years on the front line of large engineering companies in the energy and automotive sectors, Janine developed a smorgasbord of expertise in cultivating organizational capability through better knowledge management. She knows the nuts and bolts, ins and outs, ups and downs of how to get knowledge to where it is needed – and put into action. She is also a ReWild Business Advisor and online facilitator of FORTH Innovation Methodology.

Janine treads a progressive path when it comes to stimulating growth and success. Her ‘not-so-mainstream’ approaches and contemporary outlook help people see their operational and business challenges through a different lens. Through a range of bespoke in-person and online services, she now guides forward-thinking small and medium businesses in ways they can lead their ‘knovolution’, a deliberate intervention to leverage knowledge and experience to reach business goals, develop capability and grow competitive advantage.

Starting Small – Engaging Small-Medium Enterprises in KM to complement business strategies
Most small-medium enterprises (SMEs) are today years old in learning that KM ‘is a thing – and that it could potentially help their business to operate, grow and build competitive advantage. While KM is generally considered relevant to large organizations, are we not missing a trick in terms of helping SMEs (1-350 employees) get KM into their business DNA as they grow? It’s not a simple case of watering down common practices we see in larger organizations, nor is it reasonable to expect SMEs to focus their limited resources on KM interventions that aren’t fully aligned with their business challenges. Where might KM feature in SMEs and what challenges are good candidates for KM intervention?

Janine Weightman, Founder of Knovolution Ltd., has been engaging SMEs in North East England in conversations around KM. In this ‘behind the scenes’ talk, Janine will share her observations about how KM can be a useful addition to SMEs as they navigate business growth stages, and the challenges in gaining SME buy-in. Using the Organizational Rewilding Growth Framework, Janine will highlight opportunities for KM interventions across the 7 stages of growth in SMEs. Janine will also demonstrate The Knovoscope, a proprietary interactive app she developed to help kickstart KM conversations enabling SMEs to build insight around their unique circumstances.