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Ivett Bene

Ivett Bene

Founder, CEO, C-SYNC LTD


Ivett Bene, leading Knowledge and Expertise Management at the European Medicines Agency in Amsterdam, drives end-to-end Knowledge Management initiatives, operational models, and cultural enhancements. With 25+ years of expertise, she pioneers strategies from design to lean processes. Ivett co-founded C-SYNC, an internal podcast, and social media platform enhancing knowledge management, and reviving corporate radio. She passionately advocates for corporate culture improvement, emphasizing humanizing management, enhancing employee visibility, and fortifying trust through strategic knowledge management.

Capture Tacit Knowledge
Capturing tacit knowledge is a pressing challenge, with 80% of organizational insights remaining unwritten, leading to inefficiencies and reputational risks. Integrating AI raises concerns about reliance on unverified information. Explore our solutions where personal media choices converge with AI, reshaping how tacit knowledge is harnessed in hybrid work environments to create a reliable organisational knowledge base and communities of practice.

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