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Helen Watson

Helen Watson

Knowledge and Information Manager, Michelmores LLP


Helen Watson, a knowledge manager working with small but impactful teams within mid-size law firms for about 30 years. She lead a small team of information professionals and together they provide knowledge and information tools and services to our lawyers and business professionals. The aim is to enable our lawyers to provide the best service possible for our clients within a culture of continuous learning and development.

Helen’s focus is on enabling the sharing of experience and expertise throughout the business so that clients benefit from the collective knowledge of all the lawyers at the organisation.

Balancing Learning With Risk Management – The Limits to Reviews, Retrospects and Knowledge-Sharing Culture
As knowledge managers we want to encourage a learning mindset, to encourage knowledge sharing and learning from experiences, but what limits must this non-judgmental culture have and how/where do we draw the lines? How should we handle After Action Reviews and Retrospects etc and build an open, non-judgmental knowledge sharing culture, with these limits in mind? Whilst some mistakes are clearly not acceptable, how do we balance risk management with an open and non-judgmental learning culture in the grey areas? This round table will bring industry practitioners together to discuss this struggle and examine ways for you to navigate this difficult question.