Steve is an experienced Testing professional, having worked across a variety of different industries including Banking, Trading, Vehicle Leasing, Automotive and B2B data solutions.

He is currently the Senior Test Manager for Octopus Labs, managing a team of 11 testers covering a range of financial products within an Agile framework.

Testing is something that he enjoys blogging about (, as well as speaking at conferences, helping as a mentor at the Software Testing Clinic, and writing the odd magazine article.

When he is not testing, you’ll find him presenting a bi-weekly radio show on a local community FM station.

Cultivate your career – 3 core skill-sets every tester needs.
It’s difficult to know what areas to focus on in order to grow in your career – load & performance testing, a coding language, DevOps and deployments? If you ask 50 people, you’ll get 50 answers.

In this session, we’ll discuss the 3 core skill areas that testers need to focus on based on Steve’s extensive experience as a test manager, in order to help you decide where to invest your time.

The Event will start in