Soledad Pinter is an Argentinean agile consultant, coach, trainer, and international speaker with more than 20 years of experience. She has presented keynotes and has conducted orientations on the Heart of Agile across several continents, using an informal and interactive presentation style. She is currently based in Belgium, from where she manages Heart of Agile Europe. She is passionate in helping organizations, teams, and people become better at their everyday work.

How to boost your team’s delivery using the Heart of Agile as a Compass for Collaboration
Nowadays, organizations are adapting their way of working to deal with the complexity of a world that is constantly shifting.

Using the Heart of Agile as a compass, you will learn about new ways to work on your team values and help you to collaborate, deliver, reflect and improve.

You leave the room with a concrete call to action to support you embracing the vulnerability and courage needed to make one small improvement today.

The Event will start in