Sean Bosklopper has, for over the last 20 years, living in Singapore, Germany, Switzerland and the UK helping organizations push out changes to their Development and Operations way of working. Starting from grass roots of version control systems and change management to becoming SAFe certified to help large multinational financial institutions on their quest to deliver value faster at high quality. He believes that organizations need to adopt a Lean mindset, finding and eliminating waste, only executing on the top priority goals before starting the next.

Lean Thinking to Eliminate Waste and Bringing Order to the Chaos of DevOps
Organisations need to be built from the ground up to change focus from shareholder value to customer value. the ability to scale delivery processes beyond the team level and meet the needs of the enterprise.

In today’s complex world a key enabler is to make sense of the myriad of different systems todays organisations have. Open source, 3rd Party, multiple delivery and development methodologies, not to mention all those test systems – trying to make sense and analyse all this information can be nigh on impossible.

Learn how to combine together all the information points to know what is working, what should be enhanced and where to be hold and stop. We’ll also talk about how to eliminate the daily waste of manually trudging through many different systems, just to do what really should be the most simplest of tasks.

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