Daniel is the Head of QA & Automation at Testim.io, Blogger, Instructor and Speaker.

Daniel has worked in various roles which included founding QA and test automation departments from scratch. In his current role Daniel and his team are shaping how the next generation of AI-assisted QA tools help us approach test automation in the future.

How AI is transforming Test Automation.
Demystifying AI, a review of key concepts in AI and machine learning, how it is related to software testing and what is the vision for AI in testing, how we used AI to process the DOM to handle dynamic locators, the technical challenges we encountered.

All levels can learn and benefit of this presentation. These days AI and machine learning are big Buzzwords but not many truly understand what it is. We will review how AI and machine learning helps us handle dynamic locators in our web applications and what is its future in the testing industry.

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