Amol Pradhan

Amol Pradhan

Global Capability and Enterprise Agility Leader, IBM


Global Capability and Enterprise Agility Leader for IBM. He is based in Singapore for the past 15 years.

Previously Head of Agility Transformation for Barclays APAC group of 10,000 people. Leadership for 7+years, as Head of Agile and DevOps for Barclays Derivatives product, 150+ staff with 6 VPs as direct reports (from USA, London, Prague, Poland, Singapore, and India).

20 years of technology delivery, leadership and process improvement experience, and over 14 years of experience with Agile and DevOps transformation. He has been leading and contributing to 25+ transformation journeys across the US, Europe, UAE, ANZ & Asia.

Guest Lecturer in the Enterprise Agile Scaling at the National University of Singapore.

Worked in numerous Fortune 500 industries like aerospace, oil & gas, retail, automotive, media & entertainment, information services, and financial industries.

Executive education at Stanford Graduate School of Business, on “LEAD Organization Change”

Certified Agile trainer as SPC4, RTE, Scrum@Scale Trainer, and CSP.

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