Grant Simonds

Grant Simonds

Agile Ways of Working Coach, Telstra


Experienced software product manager specialising in well-designed apps and performant services. Experience working in large enterprises and the entrepreneurial skills of founding a successful start-up. Managing multiple cross-organisation teams designing, developing and operating SaaS, online, mobile, web and set top box applications used by over a million customers in Australia. Has a “can do” attitude and passionate about delivering great customer value.

I possess a track record of excellence in product and brand development, and the execution of winning digital strategy. I have proven my ability to work across multidisciplinary teams to design, develop, test, install and support leading software solutions for some of the ICT industry’s most prominent players.

Since founding MComms Design in 2006, I have developed and sold software to more than 50 of the world’s largest telcos and TV Broadcasters including Vodafone, PCCW, StarHub, Telstra, Singtel Optus, Sky TV and ESPN. At Telstra I have managed the software development for BigPond Movies, Telstra TV and Telstra TV2, including the introduction of Design Thinking and Agile processes.

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