Stephen Walters

Stephen Walters

Solution Architect, xMatters


Highly experienced IT DevOps/ALM/SDLC/IT4IT Subject Matter Expert with management & consultancy experience across end-to-end IT disciplines since 1992.
Certified in DevOps, SAFe, CMMI, ITIL, TOGAF and Prince2.
Services & Management successfully provided whilst in employment include the following organisations; Accenture, Cognizant, Deutsche Bank, Borland, BT, EDS (part of HP), Met Office & Astra Zeneca
Keynote speaker on specialist subjects at conferences and webcasts. Written & published articles.

Are you orchestrating your feedback?

The Phoenix Project brought us “The 3 ways”. For flow, DevOps toolchains and orchestration tools are very good at determining the fastest, best route forward to live. Failures captured early and quickly mean that we have been able to afford the liberty to experiment continually in small units of work. However, in feedback, we can be lacking. In leaning our process as much as possible, and automating our value add activities, we have been excellent in the route forward through the toolchain to live, but what about the route back through incidents in production or defects in testing. As our route to live gets shorter and quicker, the more evident it is that we must be just as efficient in our feedback loops. This talk will look at some of the issues that exist and what we could be doing to improve them