Sarah Saunders

Sarah Saunders

Managing Software Engineer, Capgemini


Sarah is a Cloud Native developer with 20 years’ experience in the industry – working primarily with Java but branching out to full-stack development and into all sorts of technologies including voice interfaces, blockchain, LowCode, C# – you name it. She is an Agile evangelist and embraces the DevOps culture. She has a holistic understanding of technology concepts, and how architectures evolve.

She has worked for Capgemini since 2008 in the Open-Source Cloud Engineering team, delivering technical solutions across most industries and sectors. She is a regular Capgemini blogger and has given numerous talks internationally.

Build Apps, Not Platforms
DevOps is not a separate discipline in itself, it is more a recognition of the gap between the drivers of operations divisions (stability) and development divisions (change), and an understanding that automation and architecting for support can bridge that gap. The skill sets of operations divisions (Networking, file systems, OS, memory/CPU allocations, kernels) are a dark art to most developers. This fear of the unknown can lead to budgets ballooning as worried technical leads allocate large amounts of work to “Platform Engineering”, without really understanding what that might be.

I propose that in an age of Cloud Native development, all platform engineering should be delegated to the cloud. We at Capgemini Engineering build Docker containers – our developers must know how to package their applications into containers for testing and deployment. The build pipeline and cloud deployment environments are automated using Terraform, Helm, flux, concourse so reading the config scripts for these technologies is also a dev requirement. But configuring Kubernetes? That’s another skill set!