Laveena Ramchandani

Laveena Ramchandani

Senior Consultant at Deloitte UK


I am a senior test consultant at Deloitte. I have been testing for over 6 and half years now. I find the world of testing very interesting and enjoy exploring and learning new skills within it. I would like to share my knowledge and help those who attend the session take away something that could help them in their day to day testing exercises.

I have worked extensively with data throughout my career from a BI test analyst to a test consultant. I cannot wait to explore more in the testing world and keep gaining more skills and expertise.

I have extensive testing knowledge for over 7 years now. Its worth mentioning I have worked in data heavy projects since the start of my career. Data science is a very interesting area to explore and how to bring quality into it.
Therefore I decided to present this to a wider audience, as this could be of interest to someone at the event.
The talk will include the main following points:

− What is Data science ?
− The benefits of using data science?
− What values a tester may need to contribute in a data science team for testing a model?
− How to manage with silos?
− Managing expectations vs what provides more value? ( Make informed decisions)
− How could a data science benefit having a tester ?
− What can we understand from vast amounts of data ?
− Some examples of firms that use data science to perform predictive analysis
− DevOps
− Exercise
− Q&A