Soledad Pinter

Soledad Pinter

Managing Director, Heart of Agile Europe


Soledad Pinter is an Argentinean agile consultant, coach, trainer, and international speaker with more than 20 years of experience. She has presented keynotes and has conducted orientations on the Heart of Agile across several continents, using an informal and interactive presentation style. She is currently based in Belgium, from where she manages Heart of Agile Europe. She is passionate in helping organizations, teams, and people become better at their everyday work.

Heart of Agile, a compass for Collaboration
Today we face challenges beyond agility, down to teamwork core values, affecting effectiveness and results.

Let’s walk through these challenges using Heart of Agile as a compass. With Just the 4 words and 3 enablers with people at the center, we will start together this journey of actions and ideas to inspire you to start one small improvement tomorrow.