Johan Beijar

Johan Beijar

Entrepreneur and Independent Consultant


Johan has long experience of delivering large and complex IT-solutions. Currently working with implementing a CI/CD-pipeline for a legacy system serving +70 000 users in 30 countries globally in an international home furnishing company based in the Nordics. He has previously been a part of the, at the time, the third largest multichannel organisation in the world and worked with defining the way of working in the organisation.

He has strong experience in Digital Transformations and changes in organizations to meet the demands of rapidly changing work environments. Believes in a modern, value driven leadership (Digital Leadership) to enable the best possible traction for change, and also to increase the possibility of success in any business transformation.

Also founder and co-owner of the consultancy firm Advicon based in Sweden that helps customer to drive change in the field of IT and management.

Many of his experiences are included in the book “Your Guide to Digital Readiness”, which he is the co-author of.

Case study: Complex and old legacy system in a modern CI/CD-pipeline. Is that possible?
How do you take a 30 year old system from an traditional waterfall development process and release schedule with four major releases every year to a modern CI/CD pipeline with main releases every third week and drops into production every week?

This talk will give you an overview of a journey with an very old system together with a rigid and large organisation. The mission was to change the way of working, introduce new tools and change the release schedule at the same time as serving a global multibillion company and 70000+ users with new features and 99.x% availability.

Is that possible and how is it possible?

We will have a look at what is required to make these kind of changes in terms of tools/technology, way of working and internal capabilities.