Guillermo Martinez

Guillermo Martinez

Head of DevOps, Accenture’s Liquid Studio NL


Experienced in DevOps transformations, both with success and failure. Guillermo, a computer science Engineer, with passion for getting things done (see results), optimization and enjoying, has become the Head of DevOps in Accenture NL, being part of Liquid Studio NL. He likes playing with technologies and learn new ones.

He considers we spend too much time in non-sense discussions, politics, and building barriers, instead of removing them. That inabilities innovation and taking advantage of new technologies. He thinks the world is becoming more and more technical, and therefore we should be able to learn how to deal with it.

Measuring Success on DevOps Adoption at Shell
Researches inform more than 70% DevOps transformation fails. We learn from experience how to be part of this 30% of succeeded transformations. With the right combination of technology, customer-centric approach, and data insights, we are being able to be in this limited group of successful DevOps adopters.