Gary Moore

Gary Moore

Vice-President, Sogeti, Part of Capgemini


Gary is a dedicated testing professional who has worked in the industry for over 25 years. He is passionate about ensuring excellence in projects and has led one of the largest managed testing projects in the UK.

Agile and DevOps – should I still have a centralised function?
Thoughts about the best approach to QA/Test management over the last 20 years keep changing from a de-centralised model to one that is centralised. Automation has been a key part of the strategy over this time but it appears that the promised benefits have still not always been delivered. The adoption of Agile and Dev-Ops has posed further challenges.

Taking on board a combination of what history has taught us, inputs from the 2019 World Quality Report and Sogeti’s experience in the market, Gary will provide his view of how organisations should organise their QA function in a way that maximises business value and efficiency within the delivery lifecycle.