Agile Coach / Community Host, Independent consultant


Niall McShane has been a coach for decades: he’s worked with elite athletes up the Olympic level; as a professional leadership coach and transformation consultant working across numerous industries. For the last decade Niall has focused on agile coaching across company-level initiatives for large corporations all the way down to small companies.

His new book has been written to cater to readers from all backgrounds who are looking to change the way they work; managers, leaders, change agents as well as agile coaches needing insights and inspiration. Responsive Agile Coaching: How to Accelerate Your Coaching Outcomes with Meaningful Conversations (Sept 1, 2020) is part theory, part practical guide book, with lots of storytelling interspersed.

Five Behavioural Hacks to Increase Your Agile Coaching Response
Agile Coaching often involves giving advice, but it also includes the ability to respond with questions that help your team find their own solutions. When you’re next asked for help, would you be able to respond with some agile coaching as opposed to playing the agile expert (in technology or ways to work). This presentation will show you some simple experiments that build your agile coaching capability irrespective of your role title.

During this presentation you will learn:

  • How to improve your ability to respond as a coach with psychology “hacks”
  • How to notice your urge to advise and how to build alternate habits
  • How to deal with emotions and resistance to your ideas/advice
  • How to use agile coaching to improve issues ownership (responsibility) in your team
  • How to co-create ways forward in complex situations where there’s no right answer