Max Saperstone


‪Max Saperstone

VP of Testing Solutions, TestPros


Max Saperstone has been working as a Software and Test Engineer for almost 15 years, with a focus on Test Automation within the CI/CD process. He specializes in open source tools, including the Selenium Tool Suite, JMeter, AutoIT, Cucumber, and Chef. Max is the VP of Testing Solutions at TestPros, where he works as a test strategist and architect; he works with organizations to determine how best to test the application across the organization to ensure high quality and low risk releases. When not working with clients, he can be found contributing to the Selenium and Cucumber community, or talking about various testing topics.

CASE STUDY: Getting to Continuous Testing
Max will tell the story of how a healthcare company striving to get to continuous releases built up their automation to secure confidence in regular releases. Initially, as no test automation existed, Max was able to take a greenfield test automation opportunity, and in the span of 12 months, develop over 2000 test cases. A testing pipeline was created to verify the integrity of the automated test cases, and to build docker containers for simple execution of the tests. These containers could then be simply re-used by developers and the DevOps team to verify the application. Max will walk through the feedback loop created, which allowed verification of the application go from hours to minutes.

Additionally, Max will walk through his choices of using BDD tooling integrated with webdriver solutions, to verify the state of Web and Mobile application. He’ll also cover how these functional tests were utilized to assist with security and performance testing, and engage the entire QA team in test case generation.