Jon Szymanski


Jon Szymanski

VP of QA, Beacon Street Services (BSS)


Jon has over 25 years of experience in software engineering, managing and leading both development and testing teams. He has worked for large, billion dollar companies, as well as consulted with start-ups as they build out their technology stacks from scratch. Regardless of his title or role, his passion has always been focused on quality. He is currently the head of QA at BSS. When not at work, Jon is spending time with his wife and daughter and two dogs.

CASE STUDY: In 2020, are QA Teams Still Necessary? My Personal Journey Tells the Story
In this presentation, I will discuss what it means to be on a QA Team and in a QA role, and the growth and transformation of testing over time as I weave history of the industry into my own personal journey over the past three decades. We will get to the answer of…is QA really necessary?