Deepti Jain

‪Deepti Jain

Community Outreach India, Program Director, Agile Alliance


Deepti Jain is an Agile practitioner, experienced in creating, leading, and managing Agile teams in a distributed setup. She is active in Agile community building in India. For the past 6 years her primary focus is on Agile and its Scaling with Continuous Integration and Improvement with Lean, Scrum, Kanban and Scaled Agile Framework. She is also Atlassian Community Leader for Gurgaon-NCR.

To get access and share Agile abundance she has founded “AgileVirgin” in 2015. In addition to Consulting, Coaching, and Training, AgileVirgin runs countrywide Communities of Practices. It’s flagship initiatives and programs are AgilityToday, Agile-A-Thon, Funconf, Elucidate Change Agents Summit, and Women-in-Agile-and-Tech.

She has served Agile Alliance as Initiative Director for the initiative “Building Future Leaders and Change Agents”. This initiative helps India meet the need to grow Lean-Agile Leaders and Change Agents who can shape the culture of the country and help its industries achieve a true Agile Mindset. Keeping India at the focal point, this initiative establishes a cultural exchange and growth platform for people across the globe.

Expanding her canvas this year, Deepti Jain joins Agile Alliance in a new capacity as a Community Outreach Focal for India.

Learning Fast and Small for Agility with PROBES
Agility requires experimenting continuously in order to Inspect & Adapt continuously and to Learn continuously. So, it’s not just failing fast, but learning fast. In this talk, which is based on the concept of ‘Probes’ from BOSSA nova, we will learn what learning fast means for every individual and the organization as a whole.

By definition, Probes are small, safe-to-fail experiments based on hypotheses derived from reflection via per-learning on the current situation as well as on theory. This is such a great tool not just for Agility enablers but for anyone who wants to bring in change. They can design their own safe-to-fail experiments considering all aspects, and not just but also get validation from peers, users, and approvers of the experiment.

We will learn to define experiments that you can use in your company for bringing agility. This will allow you to create an environment for continuous innovations, an environment where everyone is enrolled which will further create a win-win for everyone.