Craig Risi


Craig Risi

QA Architect, Allan Gray


A man of many talents, but no sense how to use them. I could be out changing the world but would prefer to make software instead. I have a passion for software design, but more importantly software quality and designing systems that can achieve this in a technically diverse and constantly evolving tech world.
When not playing with software I can often be found writing, designing board games or running long distances for no apparent reason. You can find out more at:

Don’t believe the lies. Full Stack in-Sprint Automation in a pipeline is possible
Steps to getting the automation you need to make your Agile/DevOps testing strategy work.
In this presentation I will showcase ideas and a proven framework on how you can take any team or product and work to achieving a testing framework and approach that allows for automation across every required frontend and backend layer, unit and end-to-end test in a way that can be completed within a sprint with as minimal tech debt and left backlog as possible. Often teams focus too much on different tools and automation frameworks to help them achieve this rather than looking holistically at “how” they are building their software and whether it is appropriately testable, addressing a team culture that enables quality ownership throughout and empowering your testers to operate at all levels across the stack so that they can test earlier and more effectively.
Learning Outcomes:
A set of ideas that can be taken back to teams that can help drive better software design, a more collaborative culture and the appropriate level of testing and automation at all levels.