Ashwin Gupta

Ashwin Gupta

Principal Engineer (Cloud Engineering – DevOps and AppDev), Fidelity International Ltd.


Ashwin is a cloud native application developer and loves to write micro-services following eXtreme Programming practices such as TDD and Pair Programming. He is an expert for cloud based architecture on Cloud-foundry and AWS.

Being part of software industry since 2005, he holds wide experience in areas varying from testing, system administration, enterprise application integration to writing containerised applications.

In current role as a Principal Engineer he works as a full-stack engineer, a DevOps expert for Cloud and writes cloud native applications.

Blogging is his part time favourite, find him on Medium at

Ashwin will share his experience and the key ingredients applied in achieving the goal of continuous deployment to production. This is easier said than done, especially in an enterprise of financial industry.

He will talk how did they manage to achieve zero-touch progressive releases for their product, empowering their business with agility of such degree that, any releases in live production system can be made at any time throughout the business days. On an average 200 production releases every month testifies their success.