Giovanni works as a Principal Consultant for Zuhlke Engineering in London. He has been helping software companies and teams become more successful for many years by providing consulting, training and advice, as well as coding, to projects of all sizes. He is both a frequent conference speaker, and organiser. He is a past Chair of the London XPDay and the ACCU conferences, the Industry & Practice co-chair for XP2016, and the Conference Chair for SPA 2018 and SPA 2019. He is a member of the ACM and the IEEE Computer Society, and contributed to the book 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know, published by O’Reilly.

Testing your Prototypes: What, Why, How
A common phrase associated with software prototypes is “quick and dirty”—meaning that not much thought is given to good design or, God forbid, testing.

In this talk we’ll present a different approach: the story of how we created a prototype for a moderately complex Amazon Alexa skill to manage bank accounts. We’ll describe how various levels of automated testing, and an attention to clean code allowed us to create a prototype, to be demoed to prospect customers, much more quickly that also works in a very reliable manner greatly reducing the chances of the “demo effect”—when the system works perfectly always except when demonstrated for an audience.

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