Ahmed Singer is a lead Solution Architect for Micro Focus in Application Delivery Management. He is a domain expert in Lifecycle management, Test Automation and Enterprise DevOps.

He has helped many large Enterprise customers adopt Continuous Testing using the Micro Focus toolset as part of their DevOps and Continuous Delivery pipeline.

Ahmed has also held previous roles as a Senior Solution Engineer and Technical Consultant delivering Testing services and has most recently been certified as an SAFe Agile Practitioner.

Continuous Testing – Increasing delivery speed and quality for Agile and DevOps teams

The Demand for innovation from the Business brings many challenges for software Development teams, these include the proliferation of devices, adoption of Cloud, user Experience, Security, time to market and modern delivery practices such as Agile and DevOps.

Organizations are being asked to release new application and features to the market quickly, without sacrificing quality. This can only be achieved by keeping the source code free of defects by detecting problems as soon as they are introduced so that they can be weeded out before
they get released to Production.

Whether you’re using waterfall, Agile, or DevOps methodologies, continuous testing helps you deliver better software.

Key learnings:
♦ To understand the concept of continuous testing and the benefits it can bring to your organization
♦ To learn how to implement continuous testing throughout the development process to achieve faster delivery and higher levels of quality

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