28 June 2019, Brussels

A “Welcome Failure” Culture – Developing your personal
Field Guide to make this vision come true!

Presenter: Sabine Wojcieszak, Enthusiastic Agile & DevOps Enabler, getNext IT


We all know that we need to learn from failure to improve our work. But still it is hard to talk about failure in an open way without blame but a lot of learnings. There is a gap between what would be the best and what is daily practice. But why? And what can you do to overcome this in your team or company?

Intended Audience:

This workshop is made for team leads, people development, C-level and other roles who are interested in creating a change.

Learning Outcomes:

Following questions will be discussed:
– The meaning of failure in the VUCA world
– Correlation of planning, control and failure
– How is your failure culture?
– How is your personal mindset according to failure?
– Why experiments are important in a positive failure culture
– Failure, resilience and innovation
– How is your individual vison of a positive failure culture?
– How can you bring this vision to life?

At the end of this workshop every participant has created an own “road map” with ideas and next steps. We will use the Manual Thinking method during this workshop.


Sabine Wojcieszak is the enthusiastic Agile & DevOps Enabler at getNext IT, a Kiel (Germany) based consultancy. She enables people to work in an agile way or to adopt the DevOps mindset and focuses on the human part of such evolutionary process. Her very personal and special interest is in the topics of New Work, the new approach of how to deal with failure, how to let teams grow and shine and re-think the way we work. Sabine is a well-known speaker at international tech conferences, author and one of the DevOps Days Kiel organisers. She is one of the founders of the Kiel region community of Software Craftsmanship and co-founder of the Slack Friday meetup. For the Industrial DevOps open source research project “titan” Sabine has the role of the community manager. She also lectures on topics of APM, DevOps and Open Source at the University of Applied Science in Kiel.

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