Inggita Arundina

Inggita Arundina has passion for testing and quality, especially for mobile apps. She’s been in this adventure for more than 5 years. In 2019 she joined Flixbus for the mobile team and she supports agile testing mentality within the team. She likes to try out every method that could apply and fit in the team. She believes that experimenting can always bring something to learn.

Ingitta has interests in traveling, diversity, and learning other cultures. She has explored more than 25 countries, some of them as a solo traveller. She moved to Germany alone when she was young and she benefited from learning other cultures, being open and trying to integrate. In the professional world, she brings this mindset that having different cultures, thoughts, and backgrounds make the team even stronger.

Decoding the testing process and strategy within culture diversity
The user’s behaviour might vary from one to another. It can be influenced by their own culture, habit, and perception that differs from each country. The product result that is introduced and released in one country might be invalid in another. When a product is available in several regions, then how can we decide the testing strategy in the same code base and release?

This session will share my experience regarding the decoding testing strategy based on diversity and the user’s behaviour and cultural perspective. How we overcome cultural differences in testing by utilizing diversity.

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