Frederik is on a journey of discovery and learning how to grow effective, resilient and agile organisations. Together we search, experiment, discover, reflect & improve how organisations can experience business agility.

Frederik takes many roles in my work – that’s why he sometimes describes himself as a multi-disciplinary, cross-functional person.

The roles, “stances” he takes are a combination of … Servant Leader, Facilitator, Coach, Conflict navigator, Manager, Mentor, Teacher, Impediment remover, Change agent, Team navigator, Complexity navigator, System thinker, Social thinker.

Product Owner, the collaborative facilitator

According to the Scrum Guide, the product owner is the person responsible for maximising the value of the work done by the development team. But how does he/she do that?
We will talk about how the criticality of the product owner rol; how the product owner is accountable for building the right product; and how he/she can enable everyone involved in reaching the overall objective: make end-users happy!

Event Will Start in