Daniël Maslyn is a passionate and creative software testing professional with over 20 years of experience in real-world situations ranging from hands-on operational testing roles to test management positions. Knowledgeable in a variety of Standardized and Agile based test methods, techniques and testing paradigms. He is a CATS Agile Tester certified and holds other testing techniques or methods certifications as well as various management certifications while remaining aware there is a lot to learn continually in doing and with others in various contexts in order challenge oneself and grow.

Testing in the Digital Age and AI
In June 2018, Sogeti launched the book ‘Testing in the digital age: AI makes the difference’. A year later, the story of AI enhanced testing is growing fast. Testing in Agile and Dev Ops contexts are converging with AI and machine learning tools, technologies and ways of working which lead to a “new normal”. This cooperation between human testers, aided by AI guided automation leads to possibilities in Cognitive QA that will be increasing in the coming years.

This session will cover some of the key elements in this Digital Testing story and will cover topics such as new AI driven quality attributes, things the tester should now to best include this AI driven way of testing into their end-to-end testing process and will in general offer practical guidelines for how this approach can greatly assist daily test practices. This approach can help meet the challenges we see growing such as increasing product complexity, larger data volumes and the need to be flexible enough to anticipate testing trends and be able to be better positioned to let the AI help so that we can better focus on testing scope and take on product releases in a more time to market driven and continual manner. As companies continue their transitioning to Agile and Dev Ops ways of working and so too this session will also cover the stages or “hops” your company may consider on such a journey to transition to this digital testing future. This session will cover these and other insights into the topics from the book and how you can start this journey to Testing in the Digital Age.

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