Vinod Joshi – Senior Program Manager @ Microsoft, Azure DevOps. 15+ years of experience in product development and management. Believe in “Becoming is better than being!”

Seven Habits of Effective DevOps

“Gosh, I want to reduce my cycle times…… I want to do this DevOps thing…… I want to move to that cloud cadence…… My business isn’t keeping up!”
If you feel the same, join me to hear about the Seven Habits of Effective DevOps. These have been learned on the ground with #Microsoft’s ongoing journey to #DevOps and how we have moved 82,000+ Microsofties to DevOps. I will share with you the lessons learnt from our journey and some other sub topics covered will be:

♦ Team Autonomy and Enterprise Alignment
♦ Managing Technical Debt
♦ Flow of customer value
♦ Evidence gathered in Production
♦ Backlog groomed with learning
♦ Production first mindset
♦ Managing infrastructure as a flexible resource

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