As CTO, Thijs is a key member of coMakeIT’s executive leadership and senior management team. Over an illustrious career spanning more than two decades, Thijs accumulated an impressive track record and played a crucial role in enabling the success of numerous technology companies with a global reach. With extensive, hands-on experience in design, architecture, and development of complex software products, Thijs provides unique insights and a practitioner’s perspective to help coMakeIT’s customers leverage leading-edge technologies, and drive innovation. He has an uncanny ability to think ahead of the curve, and visualize how emerging technologies can be effectively used to bring disruptive innovation to market.

Break the technology silos and not just the organisation silos – Move from monolith to modern systems to make the transition to DevOps a success

The challenge with the emerging ways to execute DevOps-centric operational models is that majority of them are devoted to applications built for cloud-native environments, while this is an ideal strategy, what about the monoliths (Systems of Records) and how do we take them along on this roller coaster ride?

Moving from systems of records into the world of event driven systems requires that the technical & operational silos are broken methodically and seamlessly and its not an easy ask…. Lets see the strategies to make this a reality… come and join me for a talk on how we can move in this journey…

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