Steven is co-founder and CEO of coMakeIT, and is based in the Netherlands. He has extensive experience in setting up and managing large scale, distributed development centers for global technology companies across Europe, North America, and India

Steven has a passion for building high performance teams, and is a strong believer in the mantra: “Find the right people and provide them the right environment, and they will deliver world class products and services”. It is a testimony to his leadership skills and relationship nurturing abilities, that some of his senior most colleagues continue to be a part of his core team across decades and companies. Steven brings the same unbridled passion and commitment to building and nurturing relationships with his customers and partners.

Prior to launching coMakeIT, Steven made significant contributions to the growth of global technology companies such as Baan (now Infor), and Cordys (now Open Text) in senior, executive leadership capacity. He played a key role in development and delivery of enterprise class business solutions to a global customer base. Steven is a member of the India chapter of ‘Dutch Trade and Investment Board’ DTIB, which is a public/private partnership created to support international business and bilateral economic relationships.

Keynote: Why focussing on Agile alone will not save the day
There are many reasons why Agile makes sense. Complexity in what needs to be built, changing requirements, changing environments, speed in delivery, increasing quality expectations, and many more. They all have to do with the highly competitive, faster changing business world of today. Innovation is a necessity to stay alive. Innovation means taking steps ahead, continuous progression.

The big change of today is that nothing is the same as it was yesterday. The customers of ISV’s ( Independent Software Vendors) are quickly becoming their competitors. Traditional enterprises are adopting software IP driven business models. So we need Agile to cope with all of this, right?
Sure, but first things first. The people. Nowadays challenges call for a renewed attention to good old fashioned craftsmanship. Professionals that have mastered their craft by years of learning. We don’t have to worry about them working agile. They do it by nature. The challenge will be on how to create that craftsmanship, and where to get it from. In other words, how to create and be part of an agile ecosystem, rather than just being agile alone.

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