Shabi is an:
♦ SCRUM MASTER IT INTERNATIONAL, ABN AMRO : Scrum Master within the Investments International grid (focusing on the Triple’A application) Foundation
♦ Management Consultancy and Business Management for IT International
♦ Offering support within the IT International Agile Transformation (e.g. giving Agile Awareness Sessions for the countries)
♦ Community relationship management (with a strong focus on the COO’s, CTO’s and CSO’s)
♦ Organising the I&T International Conferences

Distributed Agile: Working apart together
Outsourcing software development to geographically distributed offshore teams has become a popular and profitable practice. Hence, now more than ever, many organisations are showing interest in applying agile approaches in a distributed context But how can you make this work when Agile methodologies advocate working closely together?

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