For over 10 years, Peter has been a freelance expert specialised in UX Design, UX Research, usability and information architecture. He has worked on hundreds of digital projects.

Peter was part of the teams that put the Belgian National Lottery online and that created the first Belgian mobile banking app for KBC. In the past 3 years, Peter was full-time focused on UX Research at BNP Paribas Fortis, bringing insights from customers to the work floor. He has applied the principles of Agile as scrum master and in practising Lean UX at ACA IT-Solutions.

Peter is also a trainer in UX Design and UX Research.

UX Research in an Agile world

UX Research is an essential part in the world of Agile and DevOps.

Observing and interviewing customers is a great way to gather qualitative input for your projects. You don’t want to end up developing something that will not be used by anyone.

I will present some common practices for research in a few clear steps.

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