Huib Schoots is a tester, consultant, coach and people lover. He shares his passion for testing through coaching, training, and talking about agile and testing . Curious and passionate, he is an agile, exploratory and context-driven tester who attempts to read everything ever published on software development and testing. Huib maintains a blog on and tweets as @huibschoots. He works for Improve Quality Services, a provider of consultancy and training in the field of testing. Huib has a huge passion for music and plays trombone in a brass band.

TestClash: Automation vs Exploration
Automation in testing can no longer be ignored in the current IT landscape. Automated checks are critical component of continuous delivery, by definition. But is this really true? Is automation suitable for all tests? Can we automate everything? Do we want to automate everything? During this talk experts Pieter Withaar and Huib Schoots will take the audience with them on a search for the limits of automation in testing. They will share their experiences with test strategy, vision on using automation in testing and will talk about the limits of automation in testing. Attendees will also be challenged to look for these limits themselves. In a fun audience participation game, part of the audience will focus on exploratory testing, where the other part focuses on automation. What is more effective or more efficient? Which approach gives us the best insight in the status and quality of the product at this moment and in the future? Attendees will experience how complicated it actually is to find the right balance of using automation in projects. A inspirational and fun session about collabaration, testabilty and strategy.

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