With more than 5 years of experience combining hands-on and management; Guillermo, a Computer Science Engineer, has become a DevOps and Agile lead. He is working as a Technology Delivery Architect within Accenture. He is highly skilled in technology, technology business capabilities and new management and delivery models.

Hard-worker, active, dynamic, very fast learner, motivated and ambitious person. His leadership skills and capacity of taking decisions and motivate people, besides his knowledge, made him a reference for DevOps, Agile and Innovation Transformation and Transition.
He is always looking for innovation, high performance, evolution and development. He has become a regular speaker when DevOps, Transformation or Continuous Improvement is the topic.

CI/CD in COTS domains? Yes, it is possible.
Showcasing ServiceNow CI/CD

Nowadays any High-Level Language Software delivery is moving towards DevOps, sometimes more advanced delivery and organization, sometimes just starting. But there’s no doubt DevOps way of working and delivery automation are a must.
On the other hand, we have COTS applications, where automation is a Chimera, and Agile or DevOps way of working, a dream that becomes a nightmare.

During this session, we’re going to showcase how DevOps (mainly CI/CD practices) are possible for COTS applications. We will cover the challenges, the recommended approach, the skills required and, of course, a demo will be shown.

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