Francesco Colavita spent his last 5 years in Micro Focus as EMEA Business Consultant focused on DevOps and ADM solutions; in the last 29 years in IT he developed a broad experience walking through software developer, Project & Program Manager, IT Governance consultant, Service Manager in Greece, Strategy solution leader, Business Developer.

His experience and his natural attitude to complex problem solving helps him to find solutions that can contribute to business customer growth, his real passion is interpersonal communication that motivated him to mastered in counselling in communication. This helps him in his daily job to easily transmit his ideas and better understand customer needs behind the words.

He loves spending his free time taking care of his two children, Michele (29) and Alessia (23) years old, giving free counseling sessions to needy people and flying with his paragliding around Italy Mountains anytime he can.

The Shift Left Test Solution as enabler in DevOps Transformation
In this session you will learn how the Micro Focus test solution can help and speed up the DevOps transformation, offering the best in class and integrated shift left testing tools to monitor, control and execute the entire test life cycle. It will give you the possibility to consider new ways to really speed up your testing cycle maintaining and improving the full quality and planning governance of your entire application lifecycle.

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