Senior Test Consultant at Capgemini, specialized in test automation and Agile/DevOps
– Present role: Test Automation Coach at UWV
As Test Automation Coach I contribute to the efficient use and improvement of test automation within the teams of UWV E-Dienstverlening. This is not just a matter of automating tests, but a Way of Working that requires collaboration and discipline. I hope to encourage this by communicating the vision and strategy in the area of test automation . Together with the team I map the current status of test automation, to determine and prioritize concrete actions. Here I focus on sustainable development, so that the teams can maintain and further develop automated tests themselves.
– Earlier roles: 4,5 years as a test analyst/test automation engineer in several Agile/DevOps teams

Sustainable test automation, a must in a DevOps environment!
DevOps is all about getting feedback as soon as possible; feedback on the added value, status and changes of your application. Test automation is an ultimate must in this picture and offers a great deal of advantages… if done right. More often I have seen the ‘not done right’ scenario, where the consequences were, to say the least, counter-productive.

What is forgotten is that test automation is more than just a matter of automating tests. It requires the right mindset, a solid strategy, close collaboration and discipline.

What is this mindset and strategy then? And how does this work in practice? How to use the properties of the different levels of test automation to get feedback as quickly and often as possible? How do you ensure sustainable and future-proof test automation? Come and find out!

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