Hackages is an EdTech company based in Brussels and Amsterdam. Our mission is to improve the skills of web & software developers by sharing our knowledge and craftsmanship, mostly in JavaScript and its ecosystem. We do this by providing high-quality hands-on training and coaching to both companies and individual developers. On the top of that, we have recently launched our very own platform to offer long-term training opportunities to developers to ensure they are up to speed with the latest technologies. For non-tech people, we also offer a workshop to become familiarised with the tech jargon and understand better the conversations with their clients and team members.

Our team is a group of highly motivated people (software engineers, designers, marketers, and communicators) passionate about new technologies & education. We’re open source fans and highly driven by the community. That’s why we love to organise community workshops & events and contribute to open source software projects. Brussels and Amsterdam are our base camps but we feel at home in Berlin, Dublin, Paris, and London.

Check out our platform https://hackages.io to discover learning activities happening around you and contact us for more info on the platform for your organisation!

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