Maik Wojcieszak is co-founder and head of development of wobe-systems GmbH and founder of getNext IT. After almost two decades of developing software for industrial automation and system integration he joined his first DevOps conference and became a fascinated student of knowledge from a multitude of disciplines that are not obviously related to his work.

Teaching students as a lecturer at the University of applied science in Kiel he answers many questions with “it depends” to point out that a recipe that was successful for one
problem may not be applicable to another.

Since the beginning of this year Maik leads a research project about the application of DevOps to Digital Transformation in cooperation with the University of Kiel. The network of companies sharing their experiences and problems is constantly growing.

How DevOps can help Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation requires frequent changes in IT-Systems and Software. The challenges related to this claim are presented in this talk.

Some of the current practices used to address these challenges in industrial applications can be categorized between unsuitable and completely dysfunctional. DevOps ideas and practices have already proved to have successfully address complexity and change. This talk therefore introduces the idea of Industrial DevOps to learn from already made experiences and to avoid burning money in fruitless projects.

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