Alexandre Cuva is a passionate agile problem-solver, Scrum, Agile Lean coach from Vietnam, Switzerland, and Italy. Having more than 19 years working experience in the software industry, in the financial, insurance, telecom, outsourcing and government sectors, he coaches and trains methods or processes from various aspects. He’s been actively working to improve development process and organization culture. He has lived and worked across the world as an agile lean coach, scrum master, product owner, CIO, CEO and trainer. Whatever the focus of his work, he has always been a team player, quickly embracing new situation and challenges hole experience in agile and traditional software environments.

He is well known in Asia for his real experience applying flat management and happiness culture in his Offshore agile company base in Vietnam and his commitment around Software Craftsmanship.

DevOps / Craftsmanship a Culture Hacking
So now, your large organisation applies Agile/Lean practices through a Framework like SAFe, Less… or your own hybrid or not any Large-Scale practices. You have a common problem, you have great process, you have already hacked your organization, you put in place continuous delivery, you have a dedicate DevOps teams. What would be wrong, you did like every other companies, but the quality is not as good you were expected. The continuous delivery is not really continuous, it may never arrive at the delivery point.

The main problem is DevOps / Craftsmanship, is not about any tools you put in place, is not about bringing an expert in Dockers/ CD… It is first about hacking your developer culture.

In this talk, I will share with you some experience I had in different large scale, like small companies where the Developer culture was not set to succeed, but after some hacking we were able to change their mindset and bring a new era in their development and delivery practices.

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