Global finance correspondent, Financial Times


Robin Wigglesworth is the FT’s global finance correspondent, based in Oslo, Norway. He focuses on the biggest trends reshaping markets, investing and finance more broadly across the world, with a particular focus on technological disruption and quantitative investing, and writing longer-form features, analyses, profiles and columns.

He was previously the FT’s US markets editor, spearheading its coverage of financial markets and asset management across the Americas, deputy head of FastFT, capital markets correspondent, and Gulf correspondent.

The Volatility Virus.
Volatility is an inevitable part of financial markets. But over the past six decades, volatility has come to dominate risk-management models across the finance industry. At the same time, a motley crew of academics and investment bankers have turned volatility itself into something that can be sliced and diced, bought and sold, just like any bond, stock or barrel of oil. This has arguably made the global financial system more fragile in the process. Here is the story of how volatility became a virus that infected the entire finance industry.