Indraneel Fuke

Indraneel Fuke

Founder, CEO, Simpleworks Business Solutions Pte Ltd ((


Founder, CEO of Simpleworks Business Solutions Pte Ltd (Singapore based) and Simpleworks Artificial Intelligence Pvt Ltd (India based). The solution portfolio consists of fast and scalable solutions for lead management, contact centre automation, digital marketing, enterprise mobility, Customer360 dashboards, as well as, AI-based chatbots, AI-based claims processing, and AI-based predictive analytics. Customers include some of the largest banks and insurance companies in Asia.

MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad. MS from Pennsylvania State University.

Practical use-cases of how Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis can transform BFSI sector
Going beyond the hype of AI/ML, this session will cover practical use-cases of how AI/ML and Sentiment Analysis can contribute to the digital transformation journey of the BFSI sector. It covers 1) uses cases of facial recognition, OCR scanning, Liveness Detection, fake ID detection, etc from Vision AI perspective, 2) use cases of leveraging of Sentiment Analysis of customer interactions through multiple channels towards cross-sell and up-sell opportunities 3) Leveraging ML for predictions such as next action recommender, next best product to buy, identifying insurance customers at policy renewal risk, etc.

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