Ajit Balakrishnan

Ajit Balakrishnan

CEO, Rediff.com, India


– Founder , Chairman, CEO and Principal Shareholder, rediff.com;
– Graduated from IIM Calcutta in 1971 with two awards
– Public Service roles:

Chairman, Board of Governors IIM Calcutta for 2 terms of 5 years (2006-2016)
Member of Committee that updated Indian IT Act 2008, personally wrote Section 79 on Intermediaries;
Chaired Ministry of Information Technology Working Group on Internet Governance and Proliferation (2005-2008)
Member of MHRD’s IIM Review Committee 2008 (“IIMs: From great Teaching Institutions to Thought Leadership Centres”);
Chaired MHRD Committee on Online Education, 2010
Chairman Emeritus, Internet and Mobile Association
Chaired MHRD Committee on National Education Policy SubCommittee on Higher Education and Employment: 2019

Author of the book ,The Wave Rider, A Chronicle of the Information Age, Macmillan
Passionate about Machine Learning and spends 3+ hours a day writing code on it daily

What can R and Big Data do to throw new light on classic marketing challenges such as online consumer market segmentation and product recommendations… I will present a few cases of such applications using large scale Indian data and also cast an eye on where Deep Learning could go next.

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