CEO and Founder YUKKA Lab AG, experienced serial entrepreneur and Fintech-Investor with over 20 years background in the finance industry. He is passionate to provide customers with clear-cut solutions that truly simplify their investment decisions., Dipl.-Ing. Aeronautics & Satellite Design.

Unleash the power of news-data to take your investment strategies to the next level.

Based on our proprietary Augmented Language Intelligence Technology we are empowering Financial Experts to excel in their jobs by always being on top of the latest news development around their investment and customers.

♦ Smoothen your draw-downs and improve your risk management
♦ Detect risks & opportunities in the market faster
♦ Master information overload and increase efficiency by 50%
♦ Burst your filter bubble and get an unbiased perspective on the news
♦ Add an additional data pillar to your investment approach

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