K S Somasundaram is currently the Chief Enterprise Risk Officer at NSE. He studied Chemical Engineering from BITS Pilani and has completed his Management degree from IIM Bangalore specialising in Finance. He has over 20 years of work experience in banking industry and has worked extensively in the areas of Enterprise Risk Management, Market Risk, Operational Risk, Portfolio Analytics, Early Warning, Risk Modelling, Basel III, migration to Ind AS and advanced approaches.

Security risk management using Machine Learning algorithms
Securing an organization needs exceptionally skilled people and solutions to detect threats before they manifest. This is managed by collecting vast amount of data from across the infrastructure and analysing them to show deviations / patterns for potential threat exposures. With an increase in complexity of such analysis, it is not practical for mere mortals to deal with the volume and velocity of data flow generated by a variety of systems. Traditional correlation engines are limited in their capacity to analyse unstructured data and study patterns. The use of big data platforms and ability to run regression analysis in a real-time basis on unstructured data has opened a new domain in detection technologies that can customise, adapt and predict abnormalities in patterns and behaviour.

This talk is about exploring opportunities in designing such a solution in a critical infrastructure of a nation.

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