Sam Ho is the CEO and co-founder of ThinkCol.AI, a subsidiary of ThinkCol, where his focus is leading a team of data scientists and developers to build AI Software for enterprises, specifically for improving customer service experience in the digital space. From identifying data acquisition strategies to integrating the latest deep learning frameworks, his goal is to create a harmonious ecosystem between humans and AI to solve common customer service engagement problems. Sam is also the Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Data Science Society. He strives to promote collaborative thinking with AI technology in Hong Kong.

Closing the Data Gap in the Artificial Intelligence Age with Semi-Supervised Learning
It is undeniable that A.I. is becoming the pioneer to the technological advancement of the coming decades. Whether it is for predicting market direction using social media mentions or building Chatbots for customers service in the financial industry. While much attention has been paid to improving A.I.’s accuracy, this has come at the cost of ignoring the importance of creating annotated data which trains the algorithm. In this talk, Sam will share his experience on designing an effective data annotation strategy for a Fortune 500 company.

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