Kevin Kwan, CFA, FRM, is the Lead Financial Model Developer/Consultant for the Greater China Area at Bloomberg. He has a background in Machine Learning and Engineering, having studied at Purdue University for BEng and MEng. Kevin has many years of experience in algorithmic trading and Finance, and previously worked for Ernest & Young. He is also an Executive Committee member of the Hong Kong Data Science Society.

Technology Innovation for Asset Managers: the journey from traditional to systematic and AI investments
The asset management business has been increasingly difficult despite the easy money boom that began in 2012, marked by low interest rates and economic recovery. The business faces multi-front challenges coming from regulators and a change in consumer behavior that limits the growth of profit margin. This decline in profitability has accelerated the transformation for technology adoption to induce comparative edge over their competitors. Kevin will share possible paths that traditional asset managers follow to adopt technologies in their research and investment processes, the challenges they face, and the target states for the transformation.

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