Keith’s career started in IT and took many twists and turns including being “sold” three different times and becoming the Enterprise Architect for a “management buy-out” company. Later on, he found himself as the “accidental project manager” running a 5-year major European network upgrade for a global telecoms company (this was known fondly by many as the “Project From Hell”) with a team of 11 country-level PMs scattered across Europe. Bizarrely, this gave him a passion for Programme Management and Business Change so for the last 20 years he has worked as a Business Transformation PM (and Lean / Six Sigma Black Belt), specialising in moving “opportunity rich” Projects from “Fog” to “Paint By Numbers” (ref Eddie Obeng)

From Drama to Calmer – Project Meetings Made Easier => an introduction to Clean Set-Up / Clean Close-Out
Meetings can be an obstacle to project success; taking up valuable time for lots of people and generating conflict yet achieving little. They can also be a huge benefit to a project by providing a chance to air and dispel fears, share ideas & knowledge and get support from within the team. Imagine having a tried & tested tool to help you navigate more successfully through them…

The Event Will Start In