What is one of the biggest challenges that companies across industries face today? It is maintaining best-in-class digital user experience whilst consistently and effectively delivering new features, using technologies that are ever changing, often across multiple geographies and/or jurisdictions.

HeadSpin offers exactly that and more. It brings multiple innovations to the field of testing and monitoring in order for companies across categories and geographies to offer the best user experience. We’ll introduce several of these in this webinar.

By providing an intelligent, globally distributed, infrastructure and advanced AI Headspin goes beyond functional testing into non-functional performance QoE analysis. This is already enabling and driving differentiating services across multiple sectors, including automotive, CPG, banking and financial services, gaming, media, telecom…

Even with so many testing platforms out there, companies in the media business and OTT applications face a huge difficulty with testing the DRM-protected content but HeadSpin’s AV platform offers a powerful solution for this, with high levels of automation.

Staying relevant and up to date with the latest feature and OS updates is cumbersome. Headspin’s AI-powered Regression Intelligence integrates into your CI/CD processes so you can detect degradation issues automatically for every build of your app and also enables you to compare user experience KPIs across real devices in over a hundred global locations to identify network, API, cloud or edge-based issues.

There might be scenarios where businesses would like to utilise their own devices for testing locally and HeadSpin recognises how that can be beneficial. So HeadSpin offers Create Your Own Lab (CYOL), a product that would enable you to utilise the benefits of HeadSpin with your own device infrastructure!

Look forward to this interesting webinar where you will learn about the latest innovations in the field of testing and development and how HeadSpin contributes to it.


Ilya Dreytser

Vice President, Worldwide Customer Engineering - HeadSpin

Daniel Goldberg

Business Director EMEA, HeadSpin

Gaurav Mathur

COO, HeadSpin

Steve McNickle

Business Director EMEA, HeadSpin


Wednesday, 7 July 2021, Online

Time: 09:00 - 09:45 EDT