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Dr Thomas Fehlmann

Dr Thomas Fehlmann

Senior Researcher, Euro Project Office AG


Dr Thomas Fehlmann is a senior expert in software metrics and testing, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt for lean and agile software development, and a promoter of customer-oriented product design and testing. His Euro Project Office has led companies to global market dominance using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and Six Sigma for Software since 1999.

Thomas is a frequent presenter at conferences on topics including Six Sigma, QFD, software quality, software testing, quality engineering, and software metrics.

Autonomous Real-Time Testing (ART) – Selling Digital Products
Autonomous Real-Time Testing (ART) is a novel approach to automated testing, where not only code, or services, are tested automatically, but also test cases are generated by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) process. ART is executed anywhere, anytime, without human intervention. The AI process for generating test cases is based on a solid process for analysing users’ values and needs, following ISO/IEC 16355.

ART impacts product marketing, in automotive and medical instruments, and many others.

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